Dear fellow WHIPS and friends!

The steam release for WW2OL is getting closer and without exaggerating, it is around the corner! CRS yesterday announced their steam release plan! The steam release is going to happen in several waves in order to somehow protect the health of the servers, if that is even possible 😉

Here’s is an overview of the release dates:

Prior the release on steam, CRS is g...

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A little comeback 14.08.2017

We had some nice battles going on yesterday but due to webmap still being down I unfortunately cannot say what the ultimate outcome was.


When I logged on Axis were attacking Remagen from Unkel. Didn’t really believe in we would cap shit so I instantly logged on my 2nd account and thought gonna tow a pak40 up the hill NE of Unkel to maybe engage anything spawning in Remagen...

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The Lion of Monchen

Tonight the Lion was hungry…

Center town in Monchen, between rubbles and fuel depots my STUG III G {AKA The Lion of Monchen } saw 3 Churchill tanks entering its den… :evil:
Positioned approximately 250 meters to their East and flanking them I unleashed the FURY with a volley of AP claws…
Within 10 seconds all 3 ETs where blowing up. :twisted:
As I was sweeping the dust off my Lion’s skin and petting him for a be...

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Friday update 19.05.2017 – Ratchat 27.05!!

Today we have launched our, “Steam Store Page,” with a status of coming soon. We have a Rat Chat planned for Saturday May 27th which will be the most interactive and inclusive Rat Chat we have ever done. Our entire team is preparing everything for the Steam launch, and today I will give you a quick update on what that means in terms of our developments.



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