A little comeback 14.08.2017

We had some nice battles going on yesterday but due to webmap still being down I unfortunately cannot say what the ultimate outcome was.


When I logged on Axis were attacking Remagen from Unkel. Didn’t really believe in we would cap shit so I instantly logged on my 2nd account and thought gonna tow a pak40 up the hill NE of Unkel to maybe engage anything spawning in Remagen. We had couple bofors in the AB so I collected them all plus an additional pak40 and up we went the hill.
Hastien was already stationed on the hill, further east though. DrLoo was just on the way to provide him with some ammo with an Opel and therefore had to take the scenic route to get to him.
Once we made it up to the hill there was nothing to shoot at though but for the bofors who could occasionally engage an EA. Not sure if NY scored any kills up there.

Majes logged on and joined 250H for a bunker rush. Soon enough they overwhelmed the Allied forces and flag has been kicked. Town changed ownership shortly after.


Toxic asked where we would want to go next and I saw an option to get Frankfurt (factory town) back. We would have to stop by in Koblenz though.
I only saw air flags in Koblenz even watching twice closely but I obviously missed the one army flag.
Well eventually it was even better as it made us having to fight for Koblenz.
We rolled out with I think 5 Opels, thankfully undisturbed. Everyone managed to set a FMS. Allies responded shortly after at the N CP. Cochem CP was the key as we did not want Allies to move in another flag.

Majes and I had it capped round about 70% I think when we died. From then on it was quite a heavy fight for the N CP. I had quite some bluetags on my FMS so we went for the Remagen CP and even managed to cap it. Did not even realize it was a spawn lol.
After some time Allies seemed to have stopped spawning at the NCP area as we all of the sudden managed to cap Cochem CP rather easily.

AF bunker and therefore Allied Air flags have been capped and bounced shortly after.
Shini had a potentially great FMS for the AB but unfortunately one AI tower and single EIs made it kinda tough to approach. I managed to get into bunker but got killed inside by probably the only defender.
In the meantime DB7s were on our FMS’. We lost one by one.
It was important to keep bringing in those FMS’ or the AO would have died down.

I brought one roughly 850m west of the AB. 250H and I managed to get inside the bunker but I got blasted by an ATG shortly after entering. Only 2x 250h remained and they could not hold the bunker to cap it.

I then decided to bring a tank as it seemed that was all we needed to seal the deal. Allies were getting low and we had another full division at our disposal.
When I arrived I went straight into the AB, nothing serious was spawning anymore. Axis immediately crowded the bunker and town changed ownership! What a nice victory that was!


Next target obviously was Frankfurt. Thanks to Hastien we immediately were working on Frankfurt FB.
In the meantime Allies vacated Mendig which was a tremendous help as we always would risk a cut off with going from Remagen to Koblenz and then to Frankfurt.
Shortly after Allies vacated Frankfurt as well, which was quite surprising.
This unfortunately was as well the moment when Ohm announced that he will bring the servers down to bring US forces into the game. With a short notice of 15 minutes it kinda ended the successful evening for us.

DrLoo and I managed to cap Bad Sobernheim CP in Frankfurt 15 seconds before the server went down. Not sure if it had any impact later on.

Too bad the night had to end that way but it still was a great fight, especially at Koblenz.


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