The Lion of Monchen

Tonight the Lion was hungry…

Center town in Monchen, between rubbles and fuel depots my STUG III G {AKA The Lion of Monchen } saw 3 Churchill tanks entering its den… :evil:
Positioned approximately 250 meters to their East and flanking them I unleashed the FURY with a volley of AP claws…
Within 10 seconds all 3 ETs where blowing up. :twisted:
As I was sweeping the dust off my Lion’s skin and petting him for a being such a good boy a 4th Churchill entered the area and quickly received a death blow… Too close to my boneyard said the Lion! 8-)

As in good Allie fashion {smelling burned flesh} more ETs came to the same kill zone and immediately a Matilda caught on fire…
I could not hide my joy and advertised to my buddies the great Lion’s kill!
Suddenly a M10 and an A15 appeared from nowhere and stopped right there between Gandy’s balls still rolling and Mundagurry’s intestines wrapped around his burned tank tracks…

I first hit the A15 in the butt and instantly realized the damage down… Flames came out, a burst… Likely this Allie was still a Virgin among its peers.
Tiger004’s M10 facing me, I pondered for 1/10000 of a second and said… “No Sir, their shall be only ONE BIG CAT in this den”: SHAGHER!
And what happened next was a firework of blood, guts and metal going in every directions, also 2 very small marbles…. Tiger004 was KAPUT!

But as the old Lion ate too much too fast, after a last burp of Stella Artois well deserved… Passed away…. {Goreblimey}.

The Lion of Monchen.

For diner tonight:

Aug 10 20:44 gandy (Churchill III)
Aug 10 20:44 aunghous (Churchill III)
Aug 10 20:44 mundagurri (Churchill III)
Aug 10 20:49 oorang (Churchill III)
Aug 10 20:50 noff (Matilda)
Aug 10 20:55 tiger004 (FR M10)


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