The final minutes of Beaumont cap OR the incredible run of Tapper888

We really had some great fights today!


Started with Chimay defensee when I logged on. Chimay was in danger to be overrun as it seemed like Allies gave it all with them being cut off in Couvin and Mariemburg. It took us some time to gain control in Chimay, 2 spawnables down.
Shagher had one EFMS camped with a panzer. NJ spawned a 251 and brought me in to sap it. Went pretty smooth. We then went for the next EFMS. NJ got killed halfway but I managed to get out and sap the next EFMS. Pretty cool tactic. One to lock it down, one truck and one Engineer to blow it.

We slowly started to regain control in town, still on the edge to get overrun. Bluetags managed to cap Couvin AB which bounced Allies flags back to Mariemburg. This was the first moment we managed to breath in Chimay as with the AB cap Allies as well lost one spawnable.
With a handful of bluetags we managed to regain Beaumont spawnable. From there one, Allies only had one more focused attempt to get Hirson CP. DrLoo did great holding the SCP for the whole time.
Once we cleared the southern EFMS, NJ headed out and set a FMS for their first FB – Beaumont FB. We hotdropped the FB with no enemy appearance. Because it was working so great we headed for the next one. I almost missed that one as I was afk. Only one pan out which has been taken care of by Hamza. So we went for the last FB. NJ deployed a FMS roughly 800m out. FB was active with a couple tanks. NJ flanked around west and we went in for the last hotdrop.

In the meantime 250H and some elements of WHIPS managed to cap Mariemburg AB which catapulted the cut off Allied flags to training as Couvin AB was still Axis.
Hirson FB went down smoothly even though AAA and ETs were at the FB. We managed to RTB savely.


Lier AB was reported to be under Axis cap so I was looking already at a new target. But it looks like Chimay had so many Allies occupied that they all switched to Lier once WHIPS blew 3 out of 3 Allied FBs leaving them with no option to attack anymore. So request for help came in.

It was quite a tough fight for the AB. They had multiple ets cutting the bunker which made it not easy to get into the bunker. Died many times trying to get in there. Somehow TBomb managed to get in at some point. Others tried to join him but failed. I tried to cut but failed. Tbomb tho was not impressed with the Allied attempt to kick him out of their bunker. He finished the cap, bouncing the flag. Afterwards there was a little skirmish for the NCP, with the AB on edge to be recapped Allied.
I think overall it still costed us 20-30 minutes to finish Lier. Was a good fight though.


Leanderj reported to have spawnable capped in Vouziers so we did a fast switch. But we found a well camped spawnable. Too bad. There was not much to do in Vouziers. Camped and outnumbered we changed target again – to Beaumont.


Beaumont was a great initiative. Shagher and Tbomb capped the spawnable which lead to loads of bluetags flooding the remaining CPs. The 2nd spawnable went Axis pretty quick as well. Soon enough it was once again a battle for the AB. Pretty tough to get in. Not only had they a dozen ETs parked in there but there was  an additional nasty AI pit facing the bunker and EI cutting every approach.

Once I managed to blow the AI I went above and started recording the final minutes of the capture. Interstringly, it seems like Allies never repaired that AI pit facing the bunker.

But watch the final minutes yourself if you fancy. And pay attention to Tapper888. Very bold moves. Suprised he made it that long!

GJ everyone!



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