Issue with our new gallery

*Cough* This is kinda embarassing *cough*, but while working on our new website it seems we NEVER tested the gallery with actual/original screenshots from WWIIOL – meaning, we did not use .bmp files to test the gallery. By the looks of it all screenshots were .jpg and .png files...

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Friday update 16.12.2016 & RAT CHAT


Join the Rats this Sunday for a Rat Chat at 12PM US Central (GMT -6) on TS3. BF-109 rudder fix in testing, gun crew members are being updated and 1.36 is being integrated into the HOST on the dev server. WWII Online Audio Update: December 16th, 2016 (HERE).


Please join the team and I for a Rat Chat this Sunday...

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Happy Anniversary!

Dear  WHIPS!

With our anniversary squadnight starting in a few hours we as well thought it is time to give WHIPS a new layout!

We no longer wanted to have the ultimate boring white & blue standard look of our beloved phpbb [standard] forums. Everyone does that! So it was time for a change!

In fact, Syd and I were only trying to integrate a picture gallery into phpbb so you guys would have it easie...

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