Issue with our new gallery

*Cough* This is kinda embarassing *cough*, but while working on our new website it seems we NEVER tested the gallery with actual/original screenshots from WWIIOL – meaning, we did not use .bmp files to test the gallery. By the looks of it all screenshots were .jpg and .png files. As I was just about to upload screenshots from yesterday’s anniversary squadnight, I recognized that I could not upload .bmp files.

This filetype is not supported by the gallery. It is not support by most gallery solutions.

It is embarassing as it was the sole purpose to overhaul the site as we had zero options to support bmp files in phpbb but with its attachments.

As we cannot adapt our current gallery solution we’ve looked for alternatives supporting .bmp files. There’s exactly one and Syd is trying it out as we speak. This on the other hand could lead to dropping the idea of having personal galleries for each of you.

In order to use the current gallery your screenshots need to be converted to .jpg,  .png or .gif. Otherwise you will not be able to upload them to the gallery.

We will inform you about our progress fixing the issue. Sorry for the inconveniences!


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